How Does a Thermostat Work?

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While there are different types of thermostats, they all operate as heat-activated switches. You set a temperature on the thermostat and, when it senses the air temperature has gone below that, it tells your heating system to turn on. Here's how some of the most common thermostats work today. Electromechanical Thermostat This is an older

What Causes Heating Repairs?

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No one looks forward to needing their heating system repaired. However, there are some underlying causes of mechanical failure you should recognize. At [company_name], we specialize in helping households in Bountiful, UT, stay warm and comfortable all winter. If you're having trouble with your furnace, one or more of the following underlying conditions may be

HVAC System: The Hidden Comfort System

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Does your HVAC system seem mysterious to you? Don’t worry! We’re here to help with this great article that will give the low-down on how it works. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It’s 3 systems in one (although not all homes have all 3 systems in place). There’s the Heating System, which

Winter Is Coming, Is Your HVAC System Ready?

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Fall is here… Winter is coming… will you be warm and comfortable through it all? A properly running HVAC system can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort in your home. After all, you invested in a furnace or HVAC system so the following article will help you maximize your investment. You can enjoy a

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