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We called Craig’s because we had a previous experience with one of their quality repair guys coming over. At the previous visit, we discussed that the furnace would need to be replaced, soon.

Today was the day that the furnace started giving us problems again. Because of the low-pressure, non-salesman-like discussion we’d had before, and because of the quality of the repair, we didn’t hesitate to call Craig’s again.

Gary came over today. We discussed a possible quick repair as well as replacement options. Gary also impressed me with his low-pressure, non-salesman-like attitude during the discussion. He explained options very well, and he made sure that he understood our family and financial situations.

It is obvious that Gary is doing this job because he wants to help people. He is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. I and my wife feel very comfortable with our choice to replace. The same goes for the choice of which replacement to go with. I hope to edit this review with information of how we will like our new furnace.

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