What Heating Services Do I Need In Bountiful, Utah

October 12, 2022
Home heating info for families in Davis County Utah

Heating system inspections, maintenance, and repair are of the utmost importance in Utah. Cold weather in the winter means that it’s important that your heating system is in good repair, clean, and functioning properly. Most heating professionals would agree that having a licensed and insured HVAC company come to your home once a year will ensure that things are always working properly and efficiently.

Here are several things that are important to consider when dealing with your heating system. It’s important to have it checked and cleaned regularly by a licensed and trained professional.

  1. Signs You Need Heating Service

There are obvious signs that your heating system is not functioning properly. You may notice unusually higher heating bills. This can occur if your heating system is not working properly, and the efficiency is less than ideal. If your heating bill has suddenly increased in a noticeable way that’s far higher than the norm, schedule a heating professional to come to inspect, clean, or repair your heating system right away.

Another possibility could be hearing strange or different noises coming from your heating system. Any noticeable changes in the noises you hear from your heating system should be inspected immediately. The professionals they send to your home will know strange noises and will be able to pinpoint where a repair is needed.

If you find you are constantly having to change your thermostat setting to find a comfortable range of temperature in your home, this may need to be checked by an HVAC professional. A thermostat often needs to be calibrated for accuracy, or a replacement of the thermostat could be necessary. A heating specialist will be able to tell you which route is needed for your thermostat to work accurately once again.

  1. Repair Vs. Replacement

How do you know whether it’s better to repair a heating system, or just have it replaced? The age of your system can be a clue. Most heating systems have a lifespan of 15-25 years. However, many people allow them to go far longer than that, due to the cost of replacement and the inconvenience of the detailed installation. Regular yearly servicing of your HVAC system can extend its life.

The repair history of your heating system can also help determine if repair or replacement is a better option. If you notice your heating system is needing repair more and more often, it may be time to consider replacement instead of repair.

  1. Steps to Troubleshoot

There are several things you should check before having a professional come to your home to help with heating system problems. Check to make sure your HVAC system has power. You can check a breaker easily to make sure it hasn’t flipped off. You’ll also want to attempt a reset of the system, which should be easily explained in the owner’s manual of your system. You can also check to see if your furnace door is open. Many furnaces will not work with their doors being open.

  1. When to Call a Pro

After conducting the above-mentioned tests and not finding the solutions on your own, it’s time to have a professional from Craig’s Services heating division come over to inspect things. We have the knowledge and experience to either repair or replace your heating system and its components. Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do when working on your home’s heating and air conditioning. You can relax with peace of mind when you call Craig’s Services.


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