The Poetry of Spring (and AC Tune-Ups)

April 10, 2021

As family and friends begin gathering again, and the forecasts begin to hint at warm weather, we at Craig’s Heating and Cooling Services are starting to sense the poetry of Spring. As HVAC and Indoor Air Quality specialists, we find poetry in the art of AC Tune-Ups and IAQ solutions, and think of our practical and cost-effective Ultimate Savings Agreement Maintenance Plan right up there with the works of Longfellow or Elizabeth Barrett Browning (get all the flowery details at But, it’s not all lavender and coral bells. Consider your HVAC system our muse! We want your HVAC systems clean, healthy, and ready to cool you down when necessary. And so we present to you, “An Ode to AC Tune-Ups”…

Ah, Spring!

With all the freshness you bring,

Let us rid every AC of any squeals or pings!

As windows fly open and invite the outside in,

We’ll tend to your vents, the dander and dust within.

The health and comfort of your family is the most important thing,

So call Craig’s for a tune-up, and peace of mind we’ll bring!

Now, don’t you worry. Writing poetry is just a hobby. Our real love is making sure your HVAC systems are running smoothly to optimize energy-efficiency and your eco-footprint, keep your warranty in good standing, and ensure your system is there for your family for years to come. It’s common for AC units to require a tune-up after a long Winter, and if you could get a look at your ducts you’d likely require no convincing. However there are some symptoms you can look out for that signify your unit is ready for a tune-up. If you hear those aforementioned “squeals and pings”, if you notice uneven hot/cool spots, or if you detect any musty odors, those are all signs to prioritize a tune-up or indoor air quality solution. Using state of the art technology, we can help identify IAQ problem sources (pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, and countless other airborne particulates) to determine the best indoor air quality solution for you. Whether you have a central air conditioning system, a ducted system, a ductless mini-split unit, or stand-alone equipment, we’ll get it running at its optimal best.

Check out our Spring Cleaning Special: $69 Furnace or AC Tune Up (which never expires), or, if you waited too long for a tune-up and your unit is ready to retire, we are offering $250 off a new AC or Furnace until April 30th! Just a little gift from the Easter bunny.

Now let’s bring it all home with a Haiku, shall we?

Fresh Air, AC purrs,

Keeping your family happy,

Is what makes us happy, too!

Your satisfaction is poetry to our ears! To schedule a visit, give us a call at (801) 295-3357 or visit our website at

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