A clogged drain can be more than annoying. When you don’t take care of a clog right away, you run the risk of a flooded sink. Floods can cause water damage, which then means you’re stuck paying for costly repairs. Why don’t people act swiftly on clogged drain problems? Sometimes, they don’t know their drain is clogging up. To help you avoid this situation, here are a few signs indicating a likely clog:

Slow Drainage

Fully clogged drains lead to water building up and overflowing. If the drain isn’t 100% clogged, water backs up and slowly empties. A partial clog is likely the cause here. The partial clog may turn into a full clog quicker than you realize. Once that happens, you find yourself dealing with a flood. When you notice the water doesn’t run straight down the drain, assume the reason is an obstruction in the pipes. There’s no reason for water to fill in the sink and drain slowly otherwise. [company_name] in Bountiful, UT, can help with clogged drains and other plumbing woes. HVAC repair and maintenance services are available as well.

Gurgling Sounds

The notorious “Glug, glug” sound a drain makes is another indicator of a clogged pipe. Water gurgles as it empties itself through the now-narrowed passageways of the pipe. Drains don’t make sounds. How could they? There’s nothing in them to cause any sounds. More accurately, they won’t make sounds when there’s nothing inside the drain. As refuse builds up, you may hear strange sounds indicating something’s wrong.

Foul Smells Come From the Drain

Your sink drain isn’t likely clogged by plaster or paper towels. Food, grease, and other refuse that never should go down the drain are the likely culprits. Eventually, the organic matter breaks down and emits foul odors. The buildup will continue along with the smells until you find the likely result of a full clog.

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