Keep Your HVAC Clear of Wildfire Smoke and Damage

March 16, 2022
Wildfire at Night

The possibility of damage caused by a wildfire is spreading like–well, wildfire. With their increasing frequency and size, wildfires are fast becoming the greatest possible source of damage to your HVAC. 

The Impact of Wildfires on HVAC

The amount and type of impact wildfires can have on HVAC depends on a few factors, one of which is how close the fire comes to your home. There may be some charring, caused by intense heat, but the most common cause of damage is soot and smoke. 

The soot and particles from the smoke can become caught in the HVAC systems. This may be confined to the vents, but the particles can also travel further inside to coat the internal areas and even get caught in the mechanical workings. The whole unit may seize, but this is not as likely as the damage taking longer to show its effects.

When particles from the soot and smoke get into the inner workings of the HVAC, the motor will need to work harder to clear the air. This means that it’ll take more strain and its lifespan may be affected. In addition, the harder a motor works, the more power it draws and the more expensive it becomes to run the HVAC.

It is not only the performance of the HVAC unit that can be affected but there may be corrosion of the smaller, important working parts, especially the coil. In this case, the electrical components may not be affected. You will need to have your HVAC inspected to find out what damage may have been caused.

Preventing Damage to the HVAC

The best way to prevent damage to your HVAC is to make sure it is in great working order. The key to this is, of course, ongoing maintenance. Have your HVAC inspected regularly and make sure all the parts are in perfect working order and that the ducts are all clear?

A critical part of the inspection must be the fuel lines and gas connections. Heat and fire don’t mix well with flammable substances, so you must ensure there are no leaks anywhere.

Another tip is to keep the area around the HVAC as clear as possible and the filters clean. 

Repairing a Damaged HVAC

If your HVAC is damaged by the smoke and soot from a wildfire, then don’t panic and think you will need to replace it completely. There are a lot of different parts in the unit and only some of them may be damaged.

Soon after a wildfire, call in experts to inspect your HVAC to assess if there is any damage. If you act promptly, it is more likely that any damaged components can be identified, fixed, or even replaced before any further harm is caused.

How Craig’s Services Can Help

When it comes to preventing damage from wildfires to your HVAC or to repairing a damaged HVAC in Bountiful, Davis County, and the surrounding areas, then Craig’s Services is where you should go. Based in Utah, Craig’s will attend to anything your HVAC may need.

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