A thermostat is central to any heating and cooling system. If your HVAC system were a computer, then the thermostat would be the central processing unit. Without it, your AC or heating system won’t work efficiently. That means even if everything else were fine with your HVAC system, a thermostat issue could throw off the functioning of the whole thing. With that in mind, here are a few of the most common thermostat issues. Correcting these can help to ensure that your heating and cooling system works well.

Common Thermostat Issues Explained

First, note the location of your thermostat. Is it in direct sunlight? If so, the thermostat will likely read a higher temperature than the surrounding air in your home. This will cause the heater to turn off prematurely in the winter and cause the air conditioner to run continuously during the summer.

In addition, be sure to place your thermostat in a central location such as a hallway. Having a thermostat placed too far to any one side of the home can cause one area to consistently be warmer or cooler than other areas.

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Letting a thermostat become too dirty is another common thermostat issue. This issue isn’t as obvious as the others. Dust can accumulate inside a thermostat over time, leading to inaccurate temperature readings. Luckily, this common thermostat problem can be easily fixed by removing the plastic housing and using a soft brush to brush away the dirt.

Lastly, a thermostat that is old or broken can cause problems as well. While thermostats are generally made to be very sturdy small appliances that can last for many years, they eventually wear out and need replacing.

Your Thermostat Problems Can Be Solved

A less than ideal temperature situation in your home may or may not be caused by one of these common thermostat issues, but they are good starting points. If there are more serious issues at hand, you may need to call upon a qualified professional from [company_name].

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