Why is Water Heater Maintenance Important?

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The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It Most people only think about their water heater when it’s not working. Then they realize how important it is! A water heater that isn’t maintained can be inefficient, unreliable, and short-lived. In this blog, Craig’s Services will discuss the importance of water heater maintenance

Plumbing Issues In Older Homes in Bountiful, UT

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Older homes are well-known for their charm and character. Most of them are built based on unique specifications, quality materials, antique interiors, and superior furniture worth several awards. However, the vintage charm comes with a hidden cost. If you're planning to purchase an older home, you'll likely face a few challenges regarding systems such as

Signs of a Clogged Drain Line

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A clogged drain can be more than annoying. When you don't take care of a clog right away, you run the risk of a flooded sink. Floods can cause water damage, which then means you're stuck paying for costly repairs. Why don't people act swiftly on clogged drain problems? Sometimes, they don't know their drain

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