Don’t look at a dirty furnace as a problem that’s “out of sight and out of mind.” A dirty furnace isn’t likely to run efficiently. You won’t get the right level of heat, and the excess power consumption could cost you money. Cleaning a dirty furnace could take those worries and put them to rest. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to keep things clean.

1. Towel the Interior

With close attention paid to interior components, you can use a paper towel or cloth to carefully clean the interior of your furnace. Although this job may seem simple, it may be best left to a professional as part of routine maintenance.

2. Vacuum the Furnace

Dirt, dust, and soot collect inside the furnace. Wiping the dirt out of the furnace has limitations. You can only reach and wipe away so much. A decent vacuum, such as a Shop-Vac, can be used to suction up dirt and debris both in and around your furnace.

3. Replace the Air Filter

Cleaning a furnace doesn’t always mean breaking out a vacuum and a scrub brush. Much of the dirt that passes through a furnace collects on the filter. After all, that’s the purpose of the filter in the first place.

Once the filter ages out and amasses too much dirt, it will turn gray or black. Replacing it at this point is highly recommended. A dirty filter will compromise the performance of your furnace, leading to both lower efficiency and higher costs.

Call on a Professional

The least-complicated way to restore a furnace to pristine condition involves hiring an HVAC professional. Annual cleaning and inspection help you avoid the problems that can occur with a neglected furnace.

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