If you have a central heating system, it probably has an air filter. Air filters do two important things: They protect your heater and keep the air in your home safe to breathe. Since filters are an important part of the ventilation system of your heater, they need to be kept clean and replaced regularly.

Protecting Your Heater

The inside of a heater should stay protected from dust and other debris. Cool air that is about to enter the heater needs to be clean so that it doesn’t deposit dust and cause damage. Dirt in your unit could cause the heat exchanger to be stressed and not work as efficiently as it should. Clean air filters will protect all of the important parts of your heater.

Improved Air Quality

Homes collect dust, allergens, and other particulates. If allowed to circulate, these can cause a variety of health and indoor air quality issues. Particles can make asthma symptoms worse and spread disease if they are not caught. A clean filter can move a large quantity of air through it and get rid of dangerous bacteria and pet dander.

Clean Filters

Having a clean filter in your system can allow for maximal airflow. If there is too much dirt and debris built up, airflow will decrease and reduce the efficiency of your heater. Most filters need to be replaced after three months, but dusty areas might require more frequent replacements. It’s important to regularly check filters to make sure that they are ready to protect your home.

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