We’ll Never Call You High Maintenance!

May 5, 2022
Change your AC's air filter before you turn it on

Join the Craig’s Services Maintenance Program and Take Better Care of Your Bountiful Home

The term “High Maintenance” is usually associated with demanding people, who require a huge surplus of time and energy to not have a meltdown, or who need a manicure every week. Come to think of it, your home isn’t too far off from this description, and just like a high-maintenance person, getting ahead of your home’s needs, and anticipating the maintenance needed to prevent a breakdown is key to, well, maintaining! Interested in cultivating this proactive scenario? Consider joining Craig’s Services’ Ultimate Savings Agreement maintenance Plan (say it 5x fast.) It’s the secret to successfully staying ahead of your home’s maintenance, and as a bonus, will have you feeling like the supreme champion of being responsible.

This ultimate maintenance plan is designed to improve the performance and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems and includes our 23 Point Inspection. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect. Our expert technicians will arrive with a smile and get right to it. They’ll adjust your thermostat calibration, adjust the burner assembly, check gas pressure, check and adjust blower components, check the pilot and the ignitor, check the AC and heating cycles, ensure proper air flow, evaluate starting capabilities, fine-tune and oil the blower motor, inspect the flue exhaust, inspect the heat exchanger and the ignition assembly…Are you still with us? At this point they might break for a glass of water. But then they’ll get right back to it and inspect the thermostat, inspect and replace air filters, inspect the evaporator coil and flame sensor, inspect condensation drains, inspect electrical connections, measure volts/amperage, measure temperature difference, monitor refrigerant pressure, and finally, test safety controls. Phew! We’re exhaling because that was a lot, but we’re also channeling that sense of relief you, the homeowner will feel, knowing these tasks were completed, and your HVAC systems are good to go!

As a member of our Ultimate Savings Agreement you’ll also receive Priority Customer status, which means no matter what comes up unexpectedly with your HVAC system, you’ll be offered the earliest appointment available. Other benefits include: the agreement being transferable with deed, 10% Discount on repairs, 24/7 Emergency Service, extended system life, performance and reliability, the ability to keep your equipment in good standing with your warranty, and the full expert attention of our friendly, NATE certified technicians.

We feel like you’ll be so relieved knowing your systems are running smoothly, you’ll have time to do much more, like get a manicure! Contact Craig’s Services today to get started- online at www.craigsservices.com, or call us anytime at (801) 295-3357.

Here’s to being high maintenance, in a good way!


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