There are many reasons why the pros at [company_name] in Bountiful recommend smart thermostats. These units guarantee a certain level of consistency that saves you money. There are also a few thermostat habits that can save you money and keep you comfortable in fall.

Pick a Temperature and Stick to It

Determine which temperature makes you and your family most comfortable and is practical in terms of costs. This should be your target at all times during autumn, and if it feels different in various scenarios, it could indicate a bigger problem with your HVAC or some other aspect of your home. We encourage you to consider a smart thermostat or at least a programmable unit. If you have a manual unit and want to save money while you’re away from home, for instance, then we recommend a set schedule so that the thermostat is only being adjusted four or fewer times a day.

Keep Your Thermostat Clean

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that dust can build up inside a thermostat. That dust can actually interfere with contacts, coils and similar components. While dust will not generally cause a thermostat to fail, it can alter the temperature reading so that the system provides more or less conditioned air than is required to meet your target.

Do Not Forget Vacation Mode

Most thermostats have a mode called “vacation” or “hold” or something similar. If you’re gone for the week during Thanksgiving, setting this mode before you leave can save you a substantial amount. You should use this mode for weekend excursions as well. Smart thermostats can have the system cranking again before you even walk through the door.

Thermostats and More in Bountiful

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