The Major Consequences of Not Changing Your Air FilterThe air filters on your heating system should be replaced on a regular basis. The frequency will vary based on the material the filters are made from. Usually, a professional tune-up will cover this step; however, you can also change the filter on your own. Neglecting it will lead to these serious consequences.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air filters capture pollutants like dust and pollen that are circulating inside the ductwork. Therefore, they have an integral role in maintaining good indoor air quality. If they become clogged, that debris will enter the home and hurt your air quality. You may notice this debris in the air; other times, you’ll be alerted to its presence if everyone’s allergies are being triggered.

Inefficient Heating

The ducts, filters and vents should all be clear of debris, or else they will not evenly heat your rooms and floors. If there are cold spots in certain rooms, or if the heater just doesn’t seem to be reaching the temperature you desire, then it could be because of a clogged filter.

Higher Energy Bills

Debris in the filters is an obstruction to airflow. This means the system will be forced to work harder to circulate that warm air through your home, resulting in sometimes mediocre performance combined with abnormally high utility bills. At [company_name], we can ensure that customers in Bountiful, UT, keep their bills down by replacing their air filters and cleaning the ducts.

System Wear and Tear

Clogged air filters are one of the leading causes of HVAC unit breakdowns. The fact that the system works harder means it is being stressed. This causes wear and tear and shortens the unit’s life span.

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