Older homes are well-known for their charm and character. Most of them are built based on unique specifications, quality materials, antique interiors, and superior furniture worth several awards. However, the vintage charm comes with a hidden cost. If you’re planning to purchase an older home, you’ll likely face a few challenges regarding systems such as plumbing systems. At Craig’s Services, a reliable heating and cooling company offering residential plumbing services in Bountiful, UT, we recommend getting a professional plumber to inspect your entire plumbing system before purchasing the property.

What are the Most Common Plumbing Problems in Old Houses?

Part of fixing your plumbing problems in your home involves knowing the most common problems in older houses. Fortunately, all plumbing issues have a solution. These problems include:

Outdated Piping

There has been a lot of innovation around piping materials, as most older ones are considered defective and outdated. Any home built before the 1990s can potentially feature pipes made from materials no longer approved by American building codes. These pipes may need replacement unless the house has been renovated within the past few decades. We recommend having a professional inspect and ensure no water leaks and drain clogs are going on in your home.

Bellied Lines

As your home shifts and settles over time, the pipes underneath your home may start to “belly” or slope, restricting water flow and causing leaks and blockages. This could result in toxic wastewater seeping into your home or yard, causing a huge health hazard. Bellies can also lead to water seeping through the foundation, weakening it, and causing other damages. Some sure signs of bellied lines in older homes include slow drains, nasty smells, frequent backups, and lush green patches around the yard.

Root Intrusion/Faulty Sewer Lines

The sewer system in older homes will likely face many challenges as the house grows older and older. One of the issues you’ll probably encounter is the sediment buildup that clogs your lines and root intrusion. When trees in your yard use moisture from your sewer lines as a natural fertilizer, we refer to this as root intrusion. It can be a serious problem, leading to severe leaks and clogs.

Old Fixtures

Older or outdated fixtures can cause leaks, clogs, or even flooding in your older home. This is more probable, especially if limescale has built up in your fixtures over time. The best thing to do if you suspect your plumbing fixtures have a problem is to replace them instead of repairing them. This will help you fix the problem permanently. To cut down limescale buildup, we recommend installing a high-quality water softener capable of decreasing the effects of minerals in the water while improving its taste and texture.

Improper Installation

Another common issue that can screw up your plumbing system is improperly installed systems. Even if you get the best systems, they will not be helpful if the installation is mishandled. If a plumber doesn’t use the right tools or fails to make proper connections, you will likely have a problem with your system in the coming years. Similarly, if you’re purchasing an older home with several improper installations, you will likely have issues with the plumbing system in the future. That’s why you need to call licensed plumbers with experience handling parts and components to ensure you get quality services.

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