We’ll admit it. When it comes to managing anxiety this holiday season, tending to your HVAC system, scheduling a furnace tune-up or prioritizing clean IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) might not be the first things you think of. But, as the Serenity Prayer reminds us, there are things you can change (HVAC and IAQ Maintenance fall into this category) and things you can’t, and knowing the difference is key. We do know that toasty, particulate-free air creates the backdrop for some of the season’s greatest pleasures. All of us at here at Craig’s Services feel particularly peaceful when we think of the way you, our customers, trust us with your Home Insulation, HVAC and IAQ needs. Still, we know there’s a lot more to managing anxiety than that. Here’s a list of some ways you can keep your cool, while staying warm, this holiday season.

Utilize Cozy

Can one be cozy and anxious at the same time? Maybe, but it’s tough. Wrap your worries in a cuddly blanket, make yourself a nice big mug of something hot, and get cozy. One marvelous way to create coziness is to create a playlist of songs that transport you to more carefree times, whether it’s the pensive strums of acoustic guitar, Julie London crooning “Misty”, or even some Disco. Comfort food is another great way to coziness (functional foods are best, that is, any food that brings some nutritional value. The potatoes in mashed potatoes, for instance, contain a whole lot of Vitamin C, B-6 and Potassium! Ice Cream contains Calcium. See? Functional!) Got slippers? Reach for those bunnies, Dearfoams, or marabou slides. Scented candles are also a great way to indulge your senses and come back to calm.

Let Life Unfold

Go easy on yourself and take life one step at a time. Remember there is no moment other than the present and many of the things we worry about never happen. While there may be plenty of reasons to worry (we understand), worry is an ineffective (and unpleasant) substitute for faith. Take a deep breath and surrender to the unknown. Is there something you can change? Since we create the way we see and respond to our own reality, create a positive story instead of a negative one. Your outlook is everything. Some good mantras are, “It’s all going to be okay”, “Everything is working out for the highest and greatest good”, and “Love conquers all.”  Those are truths. Your anxieties are stories.

Disconnect To Become More Connected.

Talk to real friends (old and new), in real life, even if it’s on the phone. Social media is a hot bed of fanning the flames of anxiety. It gives the illusion that people are divided, when the truth is we are all connected. You are not the only person feeling anxiety. Remember that. And you are not the only person feeling greater anxiety when you spend too much time on social media, or watching the endless chatter of 24 hour talk news channels. Turn off the noise, and find ways to resist the temptation to get sucked into the 0’s and 1’s of the virtual world. You can do real good, on a small scale, instead of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Real life is happening all around us. People are falling in love and having their hearts broken, experiencing trials and triumphs, and being there for one another. Don’t let the media tell you how it is.

Notice the Little Things

It’s amazing how much good stuff we can miss when we’re living in the fears inside our heads. Tune into your senses. Can you hear birds? Is there a breeze on your skin? There are living things, and miracles, all around us. Be grateful for your sight, and your ability to hear, and any other physical abilities you are fortunate to have. If you can enjoy a meal, fluff up a pillow, arrange flowers in a vase, smell fresh laundry, dance to a favorite song, watch a movie, you’re doing a-okay. Take a moment now to give thanks.


It’s involuntary, and yet when we are stressed we hold it. In the words of Jessica Schatz, “The Core Expert”, your breath is your recovery tool. Let your inhales and exhales ebb and flow like the ocean tide. For more exercises to keep your breath working for you, look into conscious, connected breathing and Pranayama tutorials on YouTube and at www.yogajournal.com. And breathe in 2, 3, 4, and out 2, 3, 4….

We hope this list has inspired you to prioritize your calm, friends. Craig’s Services is so grateful to be able to continue serving your cooling, heating, and IAQ needs throughout the year. Please call us if you need anything at (801) 295-3357, or visit our website: www.craigsservices.com  We wish you peace and gratitude for all of life’s beauty this holiday season.