How to Make Healthy Indoor Air Quality Even Healthier: The Bounty of Bountiful’s Seasonal Harvest

October 1, 2021
Happy, healthy eating and great indoor air quality, provide a healthy lifestyle for you and your family

At Craig’s Services, we have the honor of helping Bountiful, UT residents achieve their indoor air quality and HVAC goals. So, how can you continue to supplement that clean, particulate-free air, and really lean into the cozy environment we’ve worked with you to create? We’re so blessed to live in this gorgeous region, and the climate of Utah offers a marvelous diversity of fruits and vegetables. The harvest windows of this rich and colorful season are worth opening, to gather the bounty of what Mother Nature provides. Additionally, cooking with seasonal fruits and veggies, especially those local to our area, is an effective way to stay healthy as seasons change. Read on for a list of produce at its peak through the Autumn months, some recipe ideas, and the farm-to-table markets where you can find the star ingredients! Thanks for letting Craig’s Services keep your HVAC systems running at their peak all year long!

There’s a lot of interesting produce thriving in our area right now. Sweet onions, tomatoes, turnips, winter squash, apples, arugula, cabbage, carrots, chard, chicories, collard greens, escarole, kale, and parsnips. Cooking requires creativity, and an adventurous spirit at times, and we believe both make life interesting, and can even reduce stress. So, you may be asking, “What can I make with chicories, parsnips, and escarole?” Great question! We looked around and found a few creative recipes to whet your appetite, and your sense of adventure.

Let’s begin with chicories. What are they?
Chicory is a cousin of the common dandelion, and found in the foothills (and even along the road) in Northern Utah. Chicory is a highly nutritious plant.
Here’s a link to a wonderful resource that is the Natural History Museum of Utah, and a recipe for chicory and scallion gratin, which frankly makes our mouth water!

Now let’s look into parsnips, turnips, and winter squash, shall we? What on earth does one do with those? Let’s turn to Utah’s own food blogger extraordinaire, Kelley “Mountain Mama”, who works in Park City as a personal chef, and shares many great recipes perfect for high altitude living. Her website is a wonderful resource. Here, she shares her recipe for oven roasted winter vegetables.

Escarole. That sounds fun! Here’s a recipe from Food and Wine Magazine taken from a signature dish at Utah’s own Amangiri Resort. It’s an escarole stuffed trout, which you may even be able to catch fresh yourself in our abundant waters!

Not sure where to get these key ingredients? Check out the Farmers Markets and resources in and around Bountiful, UT:

The Downtown Farmers Market

Urban Food Collections of Utah

Happy seasonal cooking! If you haven’t scheduled your furnace tune-up or an indoor air quality test yet, just call Craig’s Services at (801) 295-3357 or visit our website at: We’ll make sure your house is a comfortable place to enjoy your comfort food! Here’s to your health, and a Bountiful season!

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