Most people know that HVAC professionals recommend having furnaces and air conditioners serviced once a year. But what about heat pumps, which both heat and cool your home? Read on for the recommended service schedule.

How Often Should You Service Your Heat Pump

Since a heat pump is used throughout the year, it should be serviced at least once a year to keep up with routine maintenance. However, most HVAC professionals recommend you have it serviced twice a year before both heating and cooling season.

Heat pumps are used throughout the year, or about twice as much as a furnace or air conditioner is. Whether it’s heating or cooling, it uses the same filters, refrigerant, coils, fan, and other components. These break down twice as fast when being used twice as often.

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What Happens When Your Heat Pump is Serviced?

The technician inspects and cleans many parts of your heat pump system. This includes the equipment outdoors and the one inside your home. The parts they inspect and clean include condenser and evaporator coils, fan blades, scrolls, vanes, grills, and filters.

They diagnose and seal duct leaks. Professionals test for leaks around the unit’s flare fittings. They also inspect all electrical wiring, voltage, and current draw. They will perform test runs on your system to check temperatures when the unit is on and off.
When parts such as coils, filters, and fans are dirty, they reduce airflow throughout the system. This causes decreased performance and reduced efficiency. Cleaning is especially important for the outside unit, which collects a lot of dirt and dust.

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