While there are different types of thermostats, they all operate as heat-activated switches. You set a temperature on the thermostat and, when it senses the air temperature has gone below that, it tells your heating system to turn on. Here’s how some of the most common thermostats work today.

Electromechanical Thermostat

This is an older type of thermostat. It has a glass vial with mercury in it along with a bimetal coil. The coil contracts as it gets colder, pushing the vial to one side. This results in your heating system being signaled to turn on. The coil expands as it gets warmer and, once the desired temperature is reached, the vial tips the other way, shutting off the heating system.

Digital Thermostats

Modern thermostats are digital. They have an electronic heat-sensing element that sends a signal to your heating system to turn on and off. Some digital thermostats are very basic, with just a dial. Others are programmable, letting you set a weekly schedule for what temperatures you want your home to be at.

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Smart Thermostats

These thermostats are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners in the United States. They can learn your home’s patterns, such as when everyone is gone for the day or has gone to bed. This allows them to heat and cool your home efficiently, saving you large amounts of money on your utility bills.

Another benefit of smart thermostats is that you can control them remotely using an app. If you own a vacation home, you can adjust the temperature before you arrive. This feature is also helpful if you’ll be arriving home early.

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