Historical School Stars: The Namesakes of Our Bountiful, UT Schools

August 3, 2022
Craigs welcomes you back to school.

Sure, we “majored” in all things HVAC, but we credit our education with providing the foundation for our success! Bountiful’s young minds are shaped by dedicated teachers and support staff, and we couldn’t be more grateful to them. But what about the people for whom our schools were named? As summer vacation ends (tell that to the weather) and the kids return to school, Craig’s Services thought it might be fun to do a little research project of our own and investigate the people behind the school names. It turns out they’re entrenched in Bountiful’s unique history.

Tolman Elementary School/Boulton Elementary

Sometimes schools are named after famous actors, or politicians, or champions of social justice. Often, they’re named after people who were really involved in education itself. In the case of Tolman Elementary, the extended family fits the bill! And, as often happens in the family-oriented Bountiful, merging families come into play. David R. Tolman Memorial Elementary School was named after David Roy Tolman to honor his service as a teacher and administrator. David and his bride-to-be, Maude Boulton, were among the original faculty of the Stoker School, where David served as Principal until he retired in 1951. But it wasn’t just David and Maude, numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren of the original patriarch, Judson Tolman, distinguished themselves in the field of education. Judson Tolman, himself, was “a well educated man who placed great value upon ‘learning’ and upon the finer things of life that are derived from education.”

Adelaide Elementary School

Adelaide Elementary School is named for Adelaide Ridges Woods (1857-1927), whose parents came to Utah from Australia. She was the first school teacher in the south end of Davis County. She started teaching at the age of 16, in a single-roomed red brick school house. She eventually married George C. Wood, one of her students, and together they had eight children. One of her sons, Wilford Woods, owned the land upon which the current school was eventually built. What a tribute!

Holbrook Elementary School

Built in 1959, this school is named for Hannah Holbrook (born in 1806) and is known as  the very first school teacher in all of Davis County. She was born in Vermont. Her family moved to Ohio (she had three brothers and two sisters) where she was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints against her parents wishes. Hannah set out on her own, with her sister Mary and Mary’s husband, eventually moving to Missouri. They were driven from their home, even after purchasing 80 acres of land, and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois. Hannah’s brother-in-law introduced her to Joseph Holbrook, a widower. Hannah, imagining what life was like for Joseph’s four motherless children, married him and began what would be a lifelong devotion to prioritizing the happiness and livelihoods of children.

What an interesting schoolhouse is this thing called life! It’s inspiring to remember, as the kids go back to school, we are all always learning!

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