Help Cool Moms Stay That Way!

May 5, 2021
Davis County Utah Lennox Air Conditioner Premier Dealer

With an AC Tune-Up from Craig’s Services.

May is Mother’s Day month (yes, the whole month! Don’t worry, dad, you’re next.) Here at Craig’s Services we think an AC tune-up is the new breakfast in bed and bouquet of flowers (okay, maybe in addition to…) Crossing a long overdue item off the to-do list may as well be the 5th Love Language (maybe this falls under Acts of Service.) For all the things mom does to keep her cool, and the home fires burning, she (and the whole family) deserve to stay cool in the fast approaching hot Bountiful, UT Summer.

There are many adages of motherly wisdom that have endured over time. “A stitch in time, saves nine”, springs to mind. There’s nothing that exemplifies that concept more than seasonal HVAC maintenance checkups to help prevent surprise breakdowns. Craig’s Services is proud to offer a seasonal maintenance plan that includes a rigorous inspection along with a unique tune-up and part replacement service. We know there are many different ways our customers use their AC units, and so every unit requires a slightly different, tailored service schedule. We make sure to deliver cost-effective solutions suited for the type of unit you own, and the way you use it.

We also know the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll stay cool this Summer. The mom in your life will only need to worry about stirring that icy glass of hibiscus tea (and, let’s be real, the other items on her massive list of responsibilities.) You can show her you value her time, and her comfort by making that call to Craig’s (and also picking up that bouquet of flowers.)

We’re a factory-trained and locally licensed business, and offer friendly customer support, highly qualified technicians, and money saving promotions. We also offer flexible scheduling so you’ll never feel like you need to rearrange your schedule. We aim to relieve your stress, not cause it!

We maintain central air conditioning systems, ducted systems, ductless mini-split units, and stand-alone AC equipment, so chances are we’re familiar with whatever you have going on. We’ll fine-tune your AC unit so it runs like new, to efficiently cool your home. If you’re not sure you need a tune-up, listen for pings and squeals, uneven hot/cool spots, or any musty odors. Any of those symptoms signal a tune-up would do your HVAC system good. We can also use state of the art technology to help identify any indoor air quality (IAQ) issues such as pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, or other airborne particulates. If discovered, we can determine the best indoor air quality solution for you. Mom will be so impressed, and when she breathes a breath of fresh air, we can be sure it’s really fresh!

So, check out our Spring Cleaning Special: $69 AC (or furnace) tune-up and honor mom with clean, cool air all Summer long!

Just don’t forget the flowers…

To schedule a visit, give us a call at (801) 295-3357 or visit our website at

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