Giving, Bountifully: Craig’s Services’ Short List of Utah Charities

November 8, 2021

At Craig’s Services, we are perpetually grateful to be able to provide Bountiful, UT with dependable HVAC systems. But somehow, this time of year always inspires us to want to give back to our community even more. Especially given the challenges we’ve all faced the last two years, there are those more in need than ever. We thought we’d take a quick departure from encouraging you to get that furnace tuned, or to investigate healthy indoor air quality solutions, to compile a short list of local charities who need our help. We hope they inspire you to give thanks, in the spirit of inspiring gratitude in others. We appreciate you trusting Craig’s Services to keep your HVAC systems functioning optimally all year long!

Bountiful Community Food Pantry works to relieve hunger and encourage self-sufficiency in Davis County, Utah. They providing supplemental food, and provide referrals and resources to help those in need get back on their feet through an extensive support system, and partnering with other organizations in the community. They also work to alleviate childhood hunger in partnership with the Davis School District through their No Hunger Zone program.


This non-profit appeals to our softer, artistic side, keeping the walls of Utah beautiful, and its residents creative, by helping to promote the art of painting watercolors. They hold annual watercolor exhibitions, workshops, and a variety of programs to do just that. Get your brushes, and make something beautiful.

Know Your Lemons is a non-profit dedicated to improving early detection for breast cancer worldwide, reaching 1 billion people online with their #knowyourlemons campaign, and by making information fun and accessible in several languages. Through their irreverent and unique approach, they’ve been able to permeate the barriers of taboo and fear that have kept women and men from early detection for decades. The Know Your Lemons App also provides all the information needed if a concern is detected, including next steps. Somehow, in a bright, sunshiny way, Know Your Lemons takes a difficult topic and makes it less so.

Buffalo Blessings’ motto is: Giving Back to the Circle of Life. Their mission is to bring food and basic necessities to impoverished Native American people living on the Hopi and Navajo reservations. Our native populations in Utah provide a rich tradition on this land we are so fortunate to inhabit. 100% of the money Buffalo Blessings raises goes toward purchasing food and other needed items, and any donated items are given directly to the people who need it.

We hope this list has encouraged you to give a little more this Thanksgiving season. We will continue to seek out ways we can help our wonderful community, and to provide you with Heating and Cooling solutions for comfort and health. Call or visit us online anytime at (801) 295-3357. We wish you and your loved ones a very healthy, happy and bountiful Thanksgiving holiday!

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