Furnace Tune Ups For Philosophers.

September 13, 2021
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Yes, it’s true that Craig’s Services is Bountiful, Utah’s HVAC specialist, but we also like to think of ourselves as philosophers. You may ask how the changing of air-filters, or HVAC maintenance, or for the subject of this article, furnace tune ups have anything to do with philosophy. Well, in today’s times of extra uncertainty, it has to do with that old spiritual and philosophical stand by; accepting the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference. And we say, one thing you can definitely control? Your home’s indoor climate. A furnace tune up is something over which you can take full agency, wave your wand of complete autonomy, and the result? A controlled indoor climate that keeps you warm or cool at just the right times. Here are a few great things about furnace tune ups!

It’s our philosophy that human beings really aren’t that different from their furnaces. If we work ourselves too hard, in a dusty environment, forgoing self-care over long spans of time, we stop working too. When your HVAC system collects debris and dust and just keeps running, “normal wear and tear” results in a compromised system, at best hiking up your utility bills, and in the worst case scenario, breaking down entirely. Keeping your heating system well cared for, by scheduling regular maintenance with Craig’s Services is like booking your furnace a spa treatment, or a trip to the doctor to check its vitals. Mostly, though, doing nice things for your furnace is really doing nice things for you and your family. A furnace that runs well circulates healthier air, and improves your energy efficiency by up to 30%, lowering utility bills and leaving you with more cash to treat your own self to a spa day. Schedule a tune up with Craig’s Services, and we’ll clean your heating equipment, check for corrosion, and make sure it’s operating to its highest potential. If your furnace requires any parts replaced, you’ll be able to do that before things get much more costly. You’ll be left with the serenity that you changed the things you could. The result? Peace of mind, and a controlled climate.

While we’re on the subject of changing the things you can, while we’re tuning up your furnace, we’d be happy to take a look at your indoor air quality (IAQ), too! We have solutions, modern and classic, to ensure you’re breathing healthy air inside of your home. Would you like your water softened? Or a generator to make sure you always have electricity when you need it? All of those are things you can change and control, with ease! Just call Craig’s Services at! (801) 295-3357 or visit our website at: www.craigsservices.com.That’s our philosophy.

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