Furnace Blow out deals!

End of year Furnace Blow out/2023 Kickoff deal!

We’re making room for the new 2023 items!

Get $1,000 off a new Furnace from our stock, while supplies last!

We offer Free bids on HVAC Equipment, See if your home qualifies for one of these units today. Along with the new Heat Pump/Dual fuel Rebates for 2023 that comes with a couple of these furnaces! (Up too $6,000 in rebates and tax credits depending on the efficiency of the units)
Ask our Service Experts about this amazing deal and make your home more comfortable! .

Furnaces available are

  • Lennox Signature Series 99% efficient modulating Furnace (Limited stock on sizes)
  • Lennox Signature Series 80% efficient 2 stage variable speed furnace (Limited stock on sizes)
  • Lennox Elite Series 96% efficient 2 stage Variable speed Furnace (Limited stock on sizes)
  • Lennox Elite Series 80% efficient 2 stage 2 Speed Furnace (Limited stock on sizes)
  • Lennox Merit Series 80% efficient single stage Furnace (Limited stock on sizes)

Lennox Furnaces for Utah Homeowners

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Improved energy efficiency: A new Lennox HVAC system can help reduce your home’s energy consumption, potentially leading to lower energy bills.

Enhanced comfort: A new furnace can provide more consistent, even heating throughout your home, improving your overall comfort.

Increased reliability: An older furnace may be prone to breakdowns, which can be inconvenient and costly to repair. Upgrading to a new Lennox HVAC system can provide more reliable, long-lasting performance.

Better air quality: A new Lennox HVAC system may come equipped with features that can help improve the air quality in your home, such as air filtration or purification systems.

Greater convenience: Newer furnaces may come with features such as programmable thermostats or remote control capabilities, making it easier to control the temperature in your home.

Increased home value: Upgrading to a new Lennox HVAC system can be seen as a positive feature by potential buyers, potentially increasing the value of your home.

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