If you’re interested in learning about water softener installation, chances are you’ve already heard about the numerous benefits of water softeners. Just in case, and because we’re passionate about water softeners at Craig’s Services, we’ll expound. The word “flaky” doesn’t have many positive associations (unless you’re talking about a croissant). “Flaky” more often describes an unreliable person, or a dry, uncomfortable skin or scalp condition. Nevertheless, “flaky” happens. If you’re a sufferer, fret no more, and prepare to “de-flake”. The culprit may be your water.


Ah, water. Its very nature feels soft and nurturing. But it’s not all pure and clear, even if the naked eye perceives it to be so. Before we get into the benefits of soft water, let’s tackle the flaky facts about the negative effects of hard water.


First off… 

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is essentially water that contains a high mineral content. It’s formed when water collects deposits of gypsum, chalk, or limestone, which contain magnesium and calcium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates.


How Do You Know If You Have Hard Water?

If your skin and scalp feel tight, dry or flaky and you have more “bad hair days” than good, you likely have hard water. You may notice soap scum on your tub, or in your sink. You may feel like your clothes look dingy and faded despite your best efforts, and your dishes are cloudy with mineral residue. You may find you need more frequent plumbing repairs, and even notice a rise in your water bills. If you can feel the build up on your hair and skin, your household plumbing is experiencing build up, too. Any of these hassles indicate that you have hard water.


The Soft Water Difference

To understand the benefits of installing a water softener, simply imagine the opposite of the aforementioned hard water afflictions. Imagine shiny, deposit-free hair, flowing like a shampoo commercial set in an Alpine meadow. Imagine skin that’s comfortable and responsive to moisturizers. Imagine a dull complexion turning into a dewy glow. Envision clear, translucent glasses and shimmering flatware. Picture an inviting bathtub, and sinks you don’t have to be embarrassed to have visitors use (finally letting those adorable guest soaps have their place in the sun.) Think of stepping out in vivid, vibrant clothes and crisp white socks. This is not an unattainable utopia. This is life with a water softener.


What Next?

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Industry developments in effective water softeners have made it possible to remove these deposits from your water. Our favorites are made by Sentry II and provide cost-friendly, effective solutions for your hard to soft water needs! Craig’s Services plumbers are highly experienced with water softener installation and will happily answer any questions, big or small.


Be Practical And Treat Yourself

Dealing with hard water isn’t a practical sacrifice. The mineral deposits from hard water aren’t healthy for you, your family, or your home. The beauty and comfort of your skin, hair, and clothes after installing a water softener are icing on the cake. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the benefits of a water softener. And watch your home enjoy all of the practical benefits.


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We look forward to helping you de-flake so you can return to living that pure, nurturing, soft water life. Your family, your pets, and your plumbing will thank you! And, that’s anything but flaky.