Winters in Bountiful are chilly enough; you don’t need any help from a furnace that’s blowing cold air. When your furnace isn’t working right, it can be frustrating. Not only are you concerned about repair costs, but you also aren’t sure who to call for help. Before you call an HVAC technician, let’s explore possible reasons your furnace is blowing cold air.

1. The Thermostat Isn’t Compatible With Your Home

A thermostat controls the temperature in your home. If the thermostat doesn’t fit your HVAC system, it won’t work.

2. Your Furnace Needs Oil

Take a moment to check your oil tank. An empty oil tank could be the problem.

3. The Pilot Light in Your Furnace Is Out

Older gas furnaces have pilot lights that must stay lit at all times. If your furnace’s pilot light keeps going out, you can contact an HVAC professional to diagnose the problem.

4. You Need a New Furnace

Consider the age of your home’s furnace. If it’s close to 15 years old, it’s a good idea to replace it instead of repairing it.

5. Your Furnace Needs Replacement Parts

Broken parts can cause your furnace to blow cold air. An HVAC technician at [company_name] can diagnose the problem.

6. Your Furnace Hasn’t Been Maintained by a Professional HVAC Technician

Ideally, you should schedule maintenance appointments before the winter and summer seasons. If you haven’t had maintenance in the last year, now is the time to schedule your appointment.

7. Your Furnace Is Dirty

Dust and debris can gather in your furnace. When this happens, it can prevent your furnace from warming your home.

8. Your Furnace’s Flame Sensor Is Worn Out or Dirty

A worn or dirty flame sensor can cause your furnace to shut off and blow cold air. To prevent this problem, be sure that the sensor is clean.

As you can tell, there could be several reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air. If you want to stay warm this winter, get it checked out immediately.

Unless you’re a professional HVAC technician, repairing and replacing your furnace aren’t DIY projects. If your furnace needs repair, contact [company_name] for immediate assistance. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services as well as a full range of additional heating, cooling, and plumbing services. Schedule your appointment today.